Defending your privacy

At Rune we are committed to delivering best of breed, standards-based information security products. As you can glean from our motto, “Defending Your Privacy,” we’re committed to producing applications and appliances that empower users to keep their information secure. We aim to deliver elegance, usability and functionality in the most intuitive way. With an addiction to detail, we pride ourselves in our quality. Superior craftsmanship always produces a superior result.

We classify our products in into Privacy Applications, Security Applications, and Key Management. Privacy applications are inexpensive tools aimed at empowering users and organizations to keep their data hidden from prying eyes.

Security Applications are those when the security of the information is paramount.These tools rely on Vernam based encryption that assure when your data is intercepted it remains secure, no matter how much computing and processing power is used to get into it. These easy to use, strong and fast data security tools are normally coupled with a strong information security policy to assure data integrity.

Key Management solutions are geared to the organizations that need to manage their own devices, pads and keys. These easy to use devices make the management, tracking and configuration of strong encryption simple.

Our Approach


Rune’s view of information security is closely aligned with groups like The Jericho Forum, ( pushing for De-Perimeterization.

Open standards and platforms that allow individuals and companies to share information are central to improving communications security. Networks are good for getting data from here to there and also making sure it is available, but by their nature they are open. Encryption should be applied at the data level securing the data flowing across networks and in cloud storage systems only allowing access to those that have the key.

With this said an amalgam of tools should be used to keep data secure. Our position is not to avoid defense in depth but rather to identify the core-critical data to the organization or individual that cannot be compromised and encrypt that information. This provides assurance that when the bastion is compromised there is a digital vault securing the most precious assets.

Partnership with User

No information security tool is a panacea. It is very important that users are educated in good information security practices. As long as humans need to be involved to process information there is always a large security risk. When this information is in analog form so it can be absorbed there is a window of compromise. It is essential that tools are extremely easy for a person to use.

Any number of security protocols can be created to mitigate the risk depending on the level of data being secured. The user of the data is an essential and inherent part of this equation. Rune’s goal is to empower the user and organization to protect their data with easy to use and implement tools that when combined with low-overhead security policies drastically increase the security posture and reduce risk.

Simplicity in Design

It is not good enough to produce security software than can only be used by IT professionals. The tools must be very user friendly and intuitive to even the most challenged user. Rune is committed to delivering information security tools that are not only powerful but also extremely intuitive, so even the most unsophisticated user can protect their information.